B-hvye smart sprinkler timer app

The B-hvye smart sprinkler timer app allows you to control or monitor your sprinklers from anywhere in the world with the convenience of your smart device.

User's couldn't find the "Water Manually" feature

The Water Manually feature is the main feature of the Bhyve app. In 2019, we manage to increase the "Water Manually" feature usage over 300%. How we did it? We interviewed users and learned that they couldn't find the "Water Manually" feature which was hidden under the Home button. The home button would change to a remote button and that wasn't very clear for our user's. The user would have to tap twice the home button in order to run a "Water Manually"program.

We interviewed about 10 to 12 B-hyve users and we given them tasks to complete. One of the tasks given to our users was to "Run a manually watering program". We sat next to them to observed them, without helping them and most of them fail to complete the task.

Our solution was to place the "Water Manually" feature in the home screen next to the "Rain Delay" feature.

User's kept complaining about the B-hyve app look and feel.

Recently, in May 2021, we launch a new version of the B-hyve app in dark-mode and light version. Both versions of the app are more legible for our users. The B-bhyve app used to have a background image which decreased the legibility of labels, buttons, etc, it was outdated, that was one of the main complains from our users.

In addition, after launching the new look of the B-hyve app we saw an increase in positive customer reviews on both the App Store and Google Play Store.


View all past and future scheduled watering programs.


Schedule Program - Home

Rain Delay, Stop and Skip feature.


My Bhyve

Zone Details

Smart Details

My Devices

Program Details - Part 1

Program Details - Part 2

Program Slot

Calenday Day view

Manual Watering

Manual Watering - Run Time Selection

Starting Manual Watering

Active Manual Watering

Rain Delay, Stop and Skip feature.

Rain Delay options

Rain Delay feature: 12 hours, 24 hours, 2 days or more.

Bhyve - Rain Delay

Rain Delay feature: More than 2 days.

Push Notifications


Soil type

Smart Watering Details - Plant Type

Smart Watering Details - Sprinkler Type

Smart Watering Details - Sunlight

Smart Watering Details - Rainfall

Smart Watering Details - Slope

Smart Watering Details - Schedule Adjustments


For you

Smart Watering - Soil Moisture

The following main interfaces show the "Dark Mode" feature implementation.