I’m a Product Designer based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

UI/UX Designer with high Proficiencies in Problem Solving, Visual UI Design, UX Methods and Lean Startup Principles. I currently collaborate with the B-hyve development team at Orbit to create and launch products. 

B-hyve Ag app launched at Orbit

Agriculture mobile app

The B-hyve Ag system allows you to control and monitor your pivots from anywhere in the world with the convenience of your smart device.

Designed in 2019 for Orbit Irrigation LLC

B-hyve App

Smart Sprinkler System mobile app

The bhvye smart sprinkler timer app allows you to control or monitor their sprinklers from anywhere in the world with the convenience of your smart device.

Currently work here at Orbit Irrigation LLC

Mascota App

In 2019, I was part of a competing team at Disrupt SF 2019 Hackathon. The 3 day Hackathon was sponsored by Filestack, Humana, Kinship InterSystems, United Airlines, Snapchat, Amazon Web services and many more companies. The Hackathon took place at Moscone North, San Francisco, CA.

October 2019 –  Personal Project at a Hackathon


Social Media app

Problem: People do not have privacy anymore on social media.

Solution: Teleport is a social media app that allows people to control and get back their privacy. The app allows people to do group calls with up to 15 users at the same time. In addition, Teleport allows people to keep their group livestreams in private or public online.

Designed in 2018 – Personal Project



UI/UX Design